Communiqué of Alejandro Centoncio, arrested for street battle


Communiqué from the south penitentiary of Santiago:

“On March 29, 2017, I was arrested on charges of carrying a Molotov bomb.

This happened in the context of the commemoration of the day of the young combatant in Chile. The current gun control law in Chile considers Molotov cocktail as a firearm. A disproportionate law whose purpose is the repression of street protest. I’ve been in prison for nine months so long. It is my closest circle that suffers this situation with me. Submerged in the daily rubbish, I fully realize how this society needs prisons to survive.

My situation is an absurd make up. The supposed molotov they are putting on my back is made with… paraffin (kerosene). It is known that a Molotov is not made with this element… but for their justice, it is enough to ask for a sentence ranging from 3 to 5 years of effective prison.

Today I have nothing left more than to seek solidarity, and action and rage against a bastard system that does not hesitate to crush and imprison all its surroundings, only because of rebellious ideas against this tetrical world of prisons and jailers.

I make a call to show solidarity with all prisioners of the world.

To act…

And to make this whole world a bonfire where all the prisons disappear completely.

Alejandro Centoncio from the former-penitentiary in Santiago, Chile


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