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Banner in solidarity with anarchists persecuted by “Op. Érebo”

received via email 21/02

A few words in solidarity with anarchists persecuted by the “Erebo” operation in Porto Alegre (RS), from somewhere in the territory controlled by the Brazilian state and global capitalism.

Almost four months ago, a police operation led by the deputy Jardim
raided private houses and collective spaces in the city of Porto Alegre. Several people and spaces ended up being the target of this operation and some books edited by the Kaos anarchist library were used as evidence to persecute comrades.

We do not intend, in this text, to turn to the way in which the media exposed the case, even though it is worth emphasizing the way which the press manipulates the masses in order to maintain a stammering social peace.

Even with all the efforts police-media made to depoliticize some anarchist proposals — seeking to find some “legitimacy” in pursuing evil “anarchists”,
taking advantage of tactical differences and seeking to create divisions between anarchist tendencies — combative anarchist solidarity rose up, and the fists were closed to the enemies!

As we believe that solidarity is a weapon against repression attempts and oblivion, and that we also know that it needs to be more than words to vibrate in the hearts of the rebels, we send this simple but, we believe, important message.

We hang a banner in solidarity with the persecuted anarchists in Porto Alegre. For all those who are fighting against the storms of loneliness and the inclemency of uncertainty. For all those whose life was /is being disturbed by this repressive wave and that have not lowered neither arms nor head!

For all those who face the difficulties waking up each morning with the conviction of having crossed the point of no return. The powerful can never stop us!

The political-economic context in Brazil and in Latin America is even more repressive against social movements. The political climate has a bitter taste for all those who oppose, in general, the devastating capitalism. A few days ago, 12 indigenous from Brazil’s southern territory were tortured, hit by rubber bullets and real bullets for the simple fact of claiming their lands, which they were promised almost 30 years ago*!

It also has this flavor for the great “minorities” of that sick society, who are being targeted by an ever-increasing “social cleansing” of large enterprises, fruits of “progress” and the”development”. The government kills “legally” by sending
armed forces to “clean” the favelas ** and does it also by organizing “agricultural fairs” in which the money raised is invested in the “security” of farmers and in the killing of indigenous people and peasants who dare to take back with their own hands their invaded lands.

Make no mistake, terrorist is the state and violent is the system that wants
to impose on us a life we never chose.

Debates on the legitimacy of violence are a false debate. We will never stand on the side of those who are pleased to live as a slave…

Those who celebrate past insurrections, today condemn any impulse of liberating violence, this happens under various pretexts such as the fact that we live in a “democracy”. Democracy, technocracy, dictatorships, all political-economic regimes deserve to be attacked, never was and can never be anything other than the expression of power coercion and domination of a few over the rest.

The articulation between centralized power and capitalism is inherent in
globalized modern society and to think that it is possible to destroy
capitalism without, together, destroying the structures of state power is a
illusion that some leftist parties nurture to seduce souls and thus gain a few more votes in the upcoming elections. Whether left or right governs, for them, the
Guarani Kaiowá, will always be worth less than the benefits of the
tons of soybeans.

If Dilma’s presidential government unleashed social cleansing, anti-terrorism law,
towards more and more progress and political persecution against
anarchists, today militants of the Workers Party and the MST (Rural Workers Without Land Movement) and of the entire “radical” left-wing party are also targets of political persecution.

If lately we meet on the streets to fight, let’s not forget the profound ideological and political differences that separate us. Same if we believe that we should rethink strategies and tactics of struggle in this current context, it is interesting that we question the role/place that we play on the regional, national (and internationally) chessboard in order not to end up being one of the pedestrians used to win the match. History has much to teach us about that…

More than answers, we point to the provocations to reflect the panorama
and to imagine strategies and actions that continue to spread the social war.

The repressive waves against those who struggle seek to frighten and paralyze any attempt to oppose the system. It is precisely what we can not let happen. We will look for ways to continue to struggle against a system and way of life that, in addition to not satisfy us as individuals, bases its values on domination
and in the exploitation of a few against the rest.

Oppression, domination and exploitation must be attacked in its roots and in a radical way. There are no ready-made methods for this, only has the combination of historical memory and creative imagination to invent, to think, to try strategies of struggle in this context each more adverse.

May this little message, like a flame of revolt, lighten the heart
of our persecuted comrades…

Strength and combative solidarity with the anarchists pursued by the
“Operation Erebus”!

With Guilherme Irish and Samuel Eggers present in our insurgent memory!

Long live anarchy!

Long live insurrection!

* On February 17, 2018, 12 Kaingang families in Passo Fundo
were beaten by the BOE (Special Forces Police Battalion). They were occupying an area of DNIT claiming the demarcation of their lands:


*** On this theme see the movie “Martírio”, it brings information
and interesting links between private security guards on the farm,
politicians and farmers.

[Copenhagen, Denmark] Argentinian embassy vandalized

received via e-mail

“Copenhagen, Denmark

In the night between the 17th and 18th of October we vandalized the entrance of the Argentinian embassy in Copenhagen with paint. We also wrote the name Santiago Maldonado and a circled A.

We did this because the Argentinian state is responsible for the disappearance of the anarchist Santiago Maldonado that happened more than two months ago. A few days after our action we heard the sad news that his dead body had been found. The state and the police are responsible! We are angry!

Some anarchists.”

Fire in solidarity


This night a Orange vehicle (telecommunications company) was torched on the parking lot of the Post Office in via Sadi Carnot in Bagnolet (territory under domain of french government). Plastic bins, cables, and fiber optic burns very well… it’s not that hard!

A greeting to the incendiaries of t, all those those who come into play. Death to resignation, death to politics!

A thought of solidarity with Kara and Krème – and for Italian anarchists affected by repression for the case of Florence and Script Manent.





“Those are not just words: we reached the “level” of direct action and they lie about us because they fear us. Not everything that happens hits the system’s newspapers! Even ours! And everything runs really fast, comrades. Revolutionary vertigo, which shakes up the heart: it was what we wanted and finally what we’ve got. Let’s not flatter ourselves. As our beutiful comrades from Portugal warn us, let’s be intelligent: neither “library anarchism” nor “self destructive punk”, fine? We don’t make up anything. We met el Lechu and better listen to us very well those who now claim he is a public figure… He is, to say, one of us: ANARCHIST! Enemy of the state, the capital and the shitty “social peace” of those who now (…and may a lightning fall in the head of those who call him “ayahuasca junkie”) whip his missing doing politics with our ideals. We are not “infiltrated”, as those people conniving with the spectacle cluck every time it burns passion for the anarchic revolt.

In August 31, the building of GEOF was torched… the “anti terrorist” Federal Operations Special Group building in the middle of the burgeosie neighborhood of Palermo… plenty Buenos Aires downtown, and the shitty media has hidden; they did the same thing with a lot of offensives that, did not even go through their heads, could strike their power structures.

GEOF building

After the demonstration, on September 1, the 35th Gendarmerie battalion was almost torched with Molotovs (were they “infiltrated”, too?).

In La Plata, we torched a part of the senate, and then there was an attack on the security ministry, with a wounded gendarme and burned cars, with no arrests.

After the demo in Buenos Aires, where 31 people were arrested, without even being at the barricade of Avenida de Mayo, the media again said that everything was calm until about twenty hooded ones attacked the government building and were, by little, near to burn his filthy office.

It did not end there: the headquarters of the gendarmerie were destroyed in a coordinated action of great risk and great bravery…

We can not fail to mention the repression in Cordoba! Police officers entered several anarchist spaces (information about that are circulating in the networks), in the provincial capital, and took drums and banners. The fascist newspaper “La Nación” now aims at the former FLA (Argentinean anarchist federation), which has now become an anarchist cultural center, let us stay alert … If they touch one @, they touch all @ and even if the repression become stronger, we will make their worst nightmares turn into reality.

We thank the CONTRAINFO for its work and also to all those who (everywhere) support our struggle until death against all authority.

Anarchic Kosmic Informal Movement



Santiago, Chile: Incendiary action on the eve of a new 09/11

From the territory under domain of the Chilean state

In the night of September 1st, nearly 50 “hooded riots”*  raised barricades and clashed with cops using Molotov cocktails in front of the former university UMCA at Macul st. This action was against another upcoming military parade celebrating 09/11/1973, which is the anniversary of the Chilean military dictatorship.

In its turn, some unknown people also raised barricades at the University of Chile Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities.

The action had no arrests.