In response to the call for a “Sixth International Week in Solidarity For Anarchist Prisoners,” which will take place all over the world from the 23rd to the 30th of August, there will be a first winter fair of independent materials on August 25th.

This is an open call for anyone who wants to send us proposals with an anti-authoritarian focus to add to the activity. In addition, it is mainly an invitation to participate in this initiative that will happen in the “Tia Estela Space” , a squat of homeless people located underneath the so-called “Alcântara Machado Bridge” in São Paulo. Any contribution to self-management of this space is welcome.

The struggle for freedom is impossible without fighting against prisons. These disgusting spaces are surrounded by walls, violent forms of control, security devices and constant vigilance. Without such a structure it would be impossible for any state or any government to remain in power. It is necessary to see prison not only as the main tool of domination against the subversive people who prefer war to the passivity of the masses, but also as a laboratory of the system and one of the main means to perpetuate slavery and work.

A battle was lost but even behind the bars the struggle goes on. Within jail, in a contained and continuous way, are the conflicts against the juridical apparatuses of the nation states and all moralistic society that supports it. This reality prolongs the journey towards the destruction of civilization, the predatory machines of cybernetic and industrial world, all the grids, walls and borders that slaughter life on earth.

For these and much more, it is a lot necessary to support the anarchist prisoners, to not leave them alone and with this, to turn our eyes upon the pillars that give shape to the enemy.

“To live anarchy contains the risk of ending in prison” – Marco, Alexandria prison.

A full schedule will be available on August 23rd.

Anarchic Winter



translation tormentas de fogo

On June 26, 2018, Francisco Hermosilla, Mario Fuentes Melo and Valeria Echeverría decided again on the life of other people. The three miserable judges of the IV Oral Criminal Court of Valparaíso, at the top of their podium, fulfilled their role as gears of the juridical-prisonal system.

This time they have decided to issue a verdict condemning 6 comrades accused of participating in the May 21 riots in 2016, in which the municipal guard Eduardo Lara died asphyxiated in a nearby pharmacy, due to the smoke generated by the fire.

The nauseating judiciary considered the 6 comrades guilty for the following offenses:

Miguel Ángel Varela Veas: Author of the arson that resulted in death + possession of molotov bomb.

Felipe Ríos Henríquez: Author of arson resulting in death.

Constanza Gutiérrez Salinas: Co-author of arson resulting in death.

Hugo Barraza Araya: Co-author of arson resulting in death.

Nicolás Bayer Monnard: Co-author of arson resulting in death.

Rodrigo Araya Villalobos: Co-author of arson resulting in death.

The prosecutor in the case “May 21”, or prosecutor Cristián Andrade, who requested sentences of 15 to 25 years, celebrated that the court accepted his thesis: “There is a conformity in having recognized that the death of Eduardo Lara was product of the arson”

Let’s remember that all 6 comrades remained on the streets subjected to several measures (forum signatures, identification and, in some cases, house arrest), but at today’s hearing the prosecution requested their detention, which was rejected by the court.

The comrades Hugo, Constanza, Nicolás and Rodrigo Araya attended the audience, while comrades Miguel and Felipe refused to come, resulting in an arrest warrant against both.

The sentence, in which follows the years of the comrade’s condemnation, will be read on court on July 7 at 10:00 am, by now the defense may appeal the nullity of the judgment.

We observed again today an evident legal revenge exerted during a political process. No matter the disjointed images shown by the police, the lack of any hydrocarbon test or even ANI reports speculating about someone responsible. Today the judicial report states the 6 comrades direct relation in the riots of May 21, participation in the arson attack on a pharmacy following death by suffocation of a municipal worker locked up by his bosses, who were several floors above. There is a total confusion in order of maintaining the state’s on top of reason.

This sentence is an attack against the street struggle and its expressions overflowed in the demonstrations, trying to show up someone responsible to satisfy the wishes of revenge of the Valparaiso’s municipality. Today as yesterday neither silence nor passivity are tactics to face legal lynching.



“The 6 comrades are an active part of the social movement against extractivism in their respective territories, especially in the regional struggle against the mega colonizing project for the devastation of nature, known by its initials: IIRSA

In the context of the social protest carried by various organizations on May 21, 2016, while the annual public account was taking place in the national congress, thousands of people gathered to demonstrate their unsatisfaction with neoliberal public policies. In this scenario, there were several clashes with the police, where individuals and collectives attacked symbols of capitalism, consumption and exploitation. Among the affected buildings there is the arson against a pharmacy, located in a building whose upper floors housed municipal offices. Unfortunately, in this incident where the fire spread throughout the structure, a municipal worker died under questionable working conditions; he was inside the damaged property. The day ended without detention in relation to this specific fact

After 3 months of this tragic event, through various spectacles in the cities of the fourth and fifth region, in which during all time had the presence of a press team of channel 13, 6 comrades are detained. They rescheduled the court date and due to lack of evidence by the prosecution, the required preventive measure of pre-trial detention was not obtained. The investigation was then postponed to happen within 6 months; However, during the trial and without no new evidence, the precautionary measure for one of the accused persons was changed to house arrest.

The IIRSA megaproject was rejected by most of social organizations that inhabit the affected territories. It has become a common theme for various sectors and organizations to discuss, along with a wide range of groups, in which the 6 persecuted comrades participate, leading forums and other information activities to disseminate this problem. We denounce that these activities related to the defense of lands and territories have been constantly monitored by the police and the intelligence services: through recordings, identity control and other techniques of harassment. The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office included in the investigation file and, among the alleged evidence, audiovisual material recorded in activities organized around this subject held before and after the event investigated. This situation evidences a political persecution which was previously articulated, that intends to criminalize and punish ideas and groups of friends and relatives. A persecution that seeks to stop and repress the articulation of the genuine and necessary protest against extractive projects, which attack nature and life itself. We also denounce it as a flawed process, full of irregularities and obviously influenced by political reasons.”


Communiqué of Alejandro Centoncio, arrested for street battle


Communiqué from the south penitentiary of Santiago:

“On March 29, 2017, I was arrested on charges of carrying a Molotov bomb.

This happened in the context of the commemoration of the day of the young combatant in Chile. The current gun control law in Chile considers Molotov cocktail as a firearm. A disproportionate law whose purpose is the repression of street protest. I’ve been in prison for nine months so long. It is my closest circle that suffers this situation with me. Submerged in the daily rubbish, I fully realize how this society needs prisons to survive.

My situation is an absurd make up. The supposed molotov they are putting on my back is made with… paraffin (kerosene). It is known that a Molotov is not made with this element… but for their justice, it is enough to ask for a sentence ranging from 3 to 5 years of effective prison.

Today I have nothing left more than to seek solidarity, and action and rage against a bastard system that does not hesitate to crush and imprison all its surroundings, only because of rebellious ideas against this tetrical world of prisons and jailers.

I make a call to show solidarity with all prisioners of the world.

To act…

And to make this whole world a bonfire where all the prisons disappear completely.

Alejandro Centoncio from the former-penitentiary in Santiago, Chile


Chile – Anti-Carcerary Day in Solidarity with Nataly, Juan and Enrique



I diffuse the publication of the Coordinadora Anticarcelaria La Fuga and I send forces to comrades who are raising this move in solidarity to the arrested comrades: Juan, Nataly and Enrique.

The trial against our comrades was initiated on March 24 of that year, and after a long trial, the convictions and accusations of the prosecution are as it follows:

  • Enrique Guzmán: accused for the confection of the explosive device used in the 1st Police Station of Santiago Center. Under the antiterrorist law, the prosecutor claims for 10 years in prison.
  • Nataly Casanova: accused for the confection of the explosive device used at the 1st Police Station in Santiago Centro, placing the explosive device within the subway train of the station “los Dominicos”, possession of material for the manufacture of explosive material. Under the anti-terrorist law, the prosecutor claims 20 years in prison.
  • Juan Flores: accused of placing the explosive device used at the 1st Police Station in Santiago Centro, placing the explosive device within the subway train of the station “los Dominicos”, placing the explosive device in the subcenter. Under the antiterrorist law, the prosecutor asks for a life sentence against him.

Sunday, November 19
outside the prison of San Miguel
From 11am

* Legal advice and penitentiary for relatives and close relatives of incarcerated persons.

* Conversation with compas of 81 Razones x Luchar, Observatorio Social Penitenciario, coordinator of HRD Mauricio Hernandez and other compas.

* Music, food and activities for children

The end of the trial on the subcenter is near



During the last fifteen days of November, it is expected that the macro-prosecution initiated under the anti-terrorist law by the attacks on the subcenter, the subway “Los Dominicos” and two police stations in Santiago will come to an end.

The so-called “Caso Bombas 2”, which began more than two years ago against Enriquez Guzman, Nataly Casanova and Juan Flores, has approximately 7 months of trial under the anti-terrorist law, it is finally in those days in which the case is being concluded. After the closing arguments, it is to be expected the verdict that the criminal court will decide innocence or guilt and for which crime, so then – in case of being guilty – it dictate the sentence.

It is necessary to remember that, after this instance, both the defense and the prosecution can appeal the decision, because, if this is a turn of judicial gear against our comrades, it is not the last one.

Remember the accusations and penalties that the power requests against Enrique, Nataly and Juan:

  • Enrique Guzmán: accused for the confection of the explosive device used in the 1st Police Station of Santiago Center. Under the antiterrorist law, the prosecutor claims for 10 years in prison.
  • Nataly Casanova: accused for the confection of the explosive device used at the 1st Police Station in Santiago Centro, placing the explosive device within the subway train of the station “los Dominicos”, possession of material for the manufacture of explosive material. Under the anti-terrorist law, the prosecutor claims 20 years in prison.
  • Juan Flores: accused of placing the explosive device used at the 1st Police Station in Santiago Centro, placing the explosive device within the subway train of the station “los Dominicos”, placing the explosive device in the subcenter. Under the antiterrorist law, the prosecutor asks for a life sentence against him.

Combatant solidarity against the democratic inquisition!




Letter from anarchic comrade Fernando Bárcenas


translated by tormentasdefogo

To all rebel comrades

I write to all those who build their paths of autonomy, to remember that within these walls we try to apart our vital time from the machinery generating moments of lucidity in a suffocating world… This is how, in those years, there were proposals of resistance, isolated struggles in forgotten areas, lost cry of rebellion in obscurity, collective moments of informal organization in the daily life of the open regime, that is to say, in the [prison] population in general, where, almost three years ago, came up the idea of creating a different space where prisoners could shout that we are enough from all this annihilation; we know that the prison system is designed to subject our bodies and our minds to the structure of commerce and that is why we are not going to ask them to change, we know that money is the language of the powerful and that is why we do not have any requests, now we want self organize our lives on these walls because we know that what their social rehabilitation programs seek is to create submissive, repentant, and guilty human beings and this is why therefore they accept slave labor in the hands of prison officials.

Thus, the idea of founding an alternative library in the auditorium of the Northern Reclusory came up. But for this project of autonomy to grow and to allow its operation, we need your support and solidarity, because within prison we are more effectively repressed and therefore, this is a call to all those who know we are at war, we need you, only with you can we reach the strength to face the rotten logic of the system…

Do not leave us alone in building another space for autonomy, our struggle is no less important, we are also slaves, children of war, we are poor, called criminals and therefore we are marginalized, but together with you, we will prove that we are capable to live the freedom here and now, even being behind stone walls…

That is why we ask for support to maintain this project, the autonomous library in the North Reclusory.

With love and strength for all.

Fernando Bárcenas.


Reclusorio Preventivo Varonil Norte: Calle Jaime Nuno no. 155, Colonia Guadalupe Chalma, Cuautepec Barrio Bajo, C.P. 07210, Ciudad de México


Concerning the juridical situation of our comrade Marcelo Villaroel Sepulveda… or How state’s revenge perpetuates itself in silence

via publicacionesrefractario

translated by tormentas de fogo

Last September, at the 4th Military Prosecutor’s Office in Santiago, the refusal of the petition to prescribe the sentences made by our comrade Marcelo several months ago was notified.

Immediately, Marcelo appealed to this refusal, leaving the resolution of the appeal in the hands of the Martial Court, where it was reaffirmed in the first days of October.

These condemnations correspond to some causes originated by actions framed in his old militancy at the “Mapu-lautaro”, organization in which our comrade was an active fighter since a very young age and of which, while imprisoned, in 1995, he was expelled because of “anarchist deviations”.

Marcelo served his sentence without interruption for 11 years, two months and fifteen days from October 13, 1992 until December 28, 2003, remaining only his night prison until March 2005, when he granted the so-called “probation”, which obliges him to sign a document every week until completing 20 years of penitentiary control.

The first days of November 2007 for Marcelo are marked for him by his participation on the Bank Security robbery, along with other other comrades, action in which a cop died and that caused an answer from the State without precedents. Marcelo decides to assume clandestinity, and in February 2008, in his absence, he has his “probation” revoked.

In March 2008, he is detained in Argentina and in September 2014, he is sentenced to 14 years for 2 bank robberies.

In that same period, as penalties related to old causes emanated from the always sinister “Military Justice” were revised, the condemnation remained as it follows:

– Illicit terrorist association: 10 years and 1 day.

– Damage to a cop car with serious injuries to carabineers: 3 years + 541 days.

– Co-author murder qualified as terrorist: 15 years and 1 day.

– Theft with intimidation, Law 18.314: 10 years and 1 day.

– Explosive attack against the embassy of spain: 8 years.

In total, these old convictions compute 46 years, establishing its end on February, 2056.

There are a number of irregularities in this math, and although the legal issue is not our focus it never was, we believe that it becomes urgent and necessary to face this situation that at all lights represents a clear revenge against a comrade who holds high subversive autonomous and libertarian convictions, a comrade who has never abandoned the direct confrontation for total liberation, nor has it ever renounced its combatant history — leaving it as a commodity for books or prizes of borrowed stories, where hundreds of renegades hides while roaming around different pseudo radical spaces.

Our call is to get rid of the verbiage and the false gestures of solidarity to face this and each of the revenge that come from the State (as a constant policy against all those who do not deny their ties and convictions).

It’s time to act, to realize that no comrade in prison is alone.



People near Marcelo

Santiago-Valparaíso ($hile)

October, 2017

Letter from anarchist prisoner Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda

This is a letter from the anarchist prisoner Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda concerning the case of the anarchist comrade Santiago Maldonado who is still missing. It also has a call for action. His words are welcome by us!!! Fire to the prisons!!! We want our comrade Santiago Maldonado alive now!!!

tormentas de fogo


These words are born and become necessary at the same time when it is necessary to embrace all those who give themselves without limits when seeking encounter with total liberation.

For the expansion of the revolt, for the unequivocal confrontation with power, for the extension of autonomous practices to deny domination and everything that makes possible its existence.

As I write, hatred and anger guide me… While each person realizes his life, there is a dear friend missing…

SANTIAGO MALDONADO – el “Lechu”, el “Brujo”, disappeared.
And I can not stay silent or ignore his physical absence.

Since we had to live prison in the region dominated by the Argentine state, our steps crossed. There were us, the prisioners in the province of Newken and there was Santiago, in the city of La Plata, next to a universe of active comrades, sharing complicity and standing in solidarity…

It’s been more than 9 years since our footsteps have crossed the continuous path of the brotherhood, this path that sets both of us on the same side of the trench.

Because we have to say clearly: We are at war against oppression and misery! Against all the police, states, countries and cowards that accommodate their speeches and lives to make it harmless and integrated.

There is no way to forget that we who have decided to continue the offensive take permanent risk. We are not passive victims of circumstance nor mere spectators.

Just like Santiago, a person in complete coherence with his anarchic feelings, who is missing since August 1st, when he was kidnapped by the Gendarmería (intermediate force between the Police and the Army), while actively supporting the Mapuche struggle in Cushamen, province of Chubut, in the south of Argentina and near the Chilean border.

It’s been a month already and Lechuga did not show up. And although Santiago is among all of us who do not forget or abandon the daily struggle, his physical presence is lacking.

We will bring him back by striking blow by blow, multiplying his gestures and actions throughout the planet against the miserable ones responsible for his disappearance.

From prison, today, my call is to deepen the attack against amnesia and fear. Because those who say they believe in anarchy must act in accordance with this conviction.

Hundreds of revolutionary prisoners around the world united by similar convictions, we are the living expression of a struggle with no nations and no borders that seeks the total destruction of all the chains, cages and prisons where most of the people on this planet are living.

These are times of combat, we can not hide the obvious.

The rebellious and ancestral fire is incinerating the machines of predatory capital, the insurrectionist blood spilled from our fallen comrades is among our war rituals, our silent conspiracies seek the only possible justice: vengeance becomes urgent and necessary.





Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, anarchist prisoner.

High security level prison.

Santiago, Chile.

August 30, 2017.