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[São Paulo, Bra$il] “WHO KILLED INDIO?” – A response to the anarchist call for a Black December

How’s that, “who killed him”? If the murderes’ names and faces are already known… It did not take so long untill the butchery media turned this event into spectacle. There was an exposure not only of who assaulted him untill his last breath but also of his family, of the trans people he defended, his life history and a lot of information applied just to create a huge smokescreen. Up this disgusting situation, two years after his death, it becomes indispensable to tell this event from beneath the claws of domination.

On a nothing peaceful Christmas night, two neonazis chased transsexuals inside the “Pedro II” subway station (name given from brazil’s colony last king) with the intention of doing exactly the same as they did with Indio. Which only demonstrates the persistent hunt against those who free their desires and wills and stands against the imposed normality. However, in a convinced denial of passivity, the 54-year-old street vendor has firmly decided to defend them. This attitude costed him his life.

The presence of the subway guards and the well-behaved citizens did not help and would not be different. Every day every subway station is full of automats blinded by the routine fulfilling superiors orders. Luiz Carlos Ruas, a black, autonomous worker, who kept his selling outside the station, against the usual doldrums of the cities, on his last day, as probably in his many previous ones, instinctively followed the search for freedom.

A truly insurgent act of solidarity and direct action, in the midst of an increasingly domesticated society that shuts its eyes to the war set up here and now. A contradictory war reinforced by the agents who as well as his aggressors caused the death of another black man without any questioning of this suspected authorship. Those are all structures programmed to kill and let die.

The security guards’ behavior was not surprising at all. Numerous cases are omitted day after day, sexual harassment against women, aggression against people working in train cars, beatings against people who are not welcome in this environment and means of transportation that, although only a few can afford, all suffer the damages of the existence of such civilizing technology that attacks life and nature. In the veins of the city runs the blood shed by the authorities and only by this way it maintains this murderer architecture.

So, as Alexis Grigoropoulos, murdered by police in the Athens ghetto in 2008, as Sebastian Oversluij, murdered by a bank guard after a robery attempt in 2013, along with so many other people who dared to seek freedom and therefore died without having their name remembered, Luiz Carlos Ruas aka Indio is one more that is more than alive in each act of inconformity and rebellion. Authorities and passivity killed Indio.






In response to the call for a “Sixth International Week in Solidarity For Anarchist Prisoners,” which will take place all over the world from the 23rd to the 30th of August, there will be a first winter fair of independent materials on August 25th.

This is an open call for anyone who wants to send us proposals with an anti-authoritarian focus to add to the activity. In addition, it is mainly an invitation to participate in this initiative that will happen in the “Tia Estela Space” , a squat of homeless people located underneath the so-called “Alcântara Machado Bridge” in São Paulo. Any contribution to self-management of this space is welcome.

The struggle for freedom is impossible without fighting against prisons. These disgusting spaces are surrounded by walls, violent forms of control, security devices and constant vigilance. Without such a structure it would be impossible for any state or any government to remain in power. It is necessary to see prison not only as the main tool of domination against the subversive people who prefer war to the passivity of the masses, but also as a laboratory of the system and one of the main means to perpetuate slavery and work.

A battle was lost but even behind the bars the struggle goes on. Within jail, in a contained and continuous way, are the conflicts against the juridical apparatuses of the nation states and all moralistic society that supports it. This reality prolongs the journey towards the destruction of civilization, the predatory machines of cybernetic and industrial world, all the grids, walls and borders that slaughter life on earth.

For these and much more, it is a lot necessary to support the anarchist prisoners, to not leave them alone and with this, to turn our eyes upon the pillars that give shape to the enemy.

“To live anarchy contains the risk of ending in prison” – Marco, Alexandria prison.

A full schedule will be available on August 23rd.

Anarchic Winter



translation tormentas de fogo

On June 26, 2018, Francisco Hermosilla, Mario Fuentes Melo and Valeria Echeverría decided again on the life of other people. The three miserable judges of the IV Oral Criminal Court of Valparaíso, at the top of their podium, fulfilled their role as gears of the juridical-prisonal system.

This time they have decided to issue a verdict condemning 6 comrades accused of participating in the May 21 riots in 2016, in which the municipal guard Eduardo Lara died asphyxiated in a nearby pharmacy, due to the smoke generated by the fire.

The nauseating judiciary considered the 6 comrades guilty for the following offenses:

Miguel Ángel Varela Veas: Author of the arson that resulted in death + possession of molotov bomb.

Felipe Ríos Henríquez: Author of arson resulting in death.

Constanza Gutiérrez Salinas: Co-author of arson resulting in death.

Hugo Barraza Araya: Co-author of arson resulting in death.

Nicolás Bayer Monnard: Co-author of arson resulting in death.

Rodrigo Araya Villalobos: Co-author of arson resulting in death.

The prosecutor in the case “May 21”, or prosecutor Cristián Andrade, who requested sentences of 15 to 25 years, celebrated that the court accepted his thesis: “There is a conformity in having recognized that the death of Eduardo Lara was product of the arson”

Let’s remember that all 6 comrades remained on the streets subjected to several measures (forum signatures, identification and, in some cases, house arrest), but at today’s hearing the prosecution requested their detention, which was rejected by the court.

The comrades Hugo, Constanza, Nicolás and Rodrigo Araya attended the audience, while comrades Miguel and Felipe refused to come, resulting in an arrest warrant against both.

The sentence, in which follows the years of the comrade’s condemnation, will be read on court on July 7 at 10:00 am, by now the defense may appeal the nullity of the judgment.

We observed again today an evident legal revenge exerted during a political process. No matter the disjointed images shown by the police, the lack of any hydrocarbon test or even ANI reports speculating about someone responsible. Today the judicial report states the 6 comrades direct relation in the riots of May 21, participation in the arson attack on a pharmacy following death by suffocation of a municipal worker locked up by his bosses, who were several floors above. There is a total confusion in order of maintaining the state’s on top of reason.

This sentence is an attack against the street struggle and its expressions overflowed in the demonstrations, trying to show up someone responsible to satisfy the wishes of revenge of the Valparaiso’s municipality. Today as yesterday neither silence nor passivity are tactics to face legal lynching.



“The 6 comrades are an active part of the social movement against extractivism in their respective territories, especially in the regional struggle against the mega colonizing project for the devastation of nature, known by its initials: IIRSA

In the context of the social protest carried by various organizations on May 21, 2016, while the annual public account was taking place in the national congress, thousands of people gathered to demonstrate their unsatisfaction with neoliberal public policies. In this scenario, there were several clashes with the police, where individuals and collectives attacked symbols of capitalism, consumption and exploitation. Among the affected buildings there is the arson against a pharmacy, located in a building whose upper floors housed municipal offices. Unfortunately, in this incident where the fire spread throughout the structure, a municipal worker died under questionable working conditions; he was inside the damaged property. The day ended without detention in relation to this specific fact

After 3 months of this tragic event, through various spectacles in the cities of the fourth and fifth region, in which during all time had the presence of a press team of channel 13, 6 comrades are detained. They rescheduled the court date and due to lack of evidence by the prosecution, the required preventive measure of pre-trial detention was not obtained. The investigation was then postponed to happen within 6 months; However, during the trial and without no new evidence, the precautionary measure for one of the accused persons was changed to house arrest.

The IIRSA megaproject was rejected by most of social organizations that inhabit the affected territories. It has become a common theme for various sectors and organizations to discuss, along with a wide range of groups, in which the 6 persecuted comrades participate, leading forums and other information activities to disseminate this problem. We denounce that these activities related to the defense of lands and territories have been constantly monitored by the police and the intelligence services: through recordings, identity control and other techniques of harassment. The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office included in the investigation file and, among the alleged evidence, audiovisual material recorded in activities organized around this subject held before and after the event investigated. This situation evidences a political persecution which was previously articulated, that intends to criminalize and punish ideas and groups of friends and relatives. A persecution that seeks to stop and repress the articulation of the genuine and necessary protest against extractive projects, which attack nature and life itself. We also denounce it as a flawed process, full of irregularities and obviously influenced by political reasons.”



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No domingo (04/03), às 16 horas, haverá uma roda de conversa em
solidariedade com xs anarquistas perseguidxs na região sul do território
dominado pelo estado brasileiro.

O encontro acontecerá no “centro de cultura social”, no centro da cidade
de São Paulo.

Durante nossa conversa, haverá leitura de contrainformativos e troca de
ideias afins.

Para isto, preparamos um livreto com alguns dos textos escritos sobre o
assunto. O material está disponível em português, espanhol, inglês e
italiano para difusão gratuita.


Da leitura… à cumplicidade…


Banner in solidarity with anarchists persecuted by “Op. Érebo”

received via email 21/02

A few words in solidarity with anarchists persecuted by the “Erebo” operation in Porto Alegre (RS), from somewhere in the territory controlled by the Brazilian state and global capitalism.

Almost four months ago, a police operation led by the deputy Jardim
raided private houses and collective spaces in the city of Porto Alegre. Several people and spaces ended up being the target of this operation and some books edited by the Kaos anarchist library were used as evidence to persecute comrades.

We do not intend, in this text, to turn to the way in which the media exposed the case, even though it is worth emphasizing the way which the press manipulates the masses in order to maintain a stammering social peace.

Even with all the efforts police-media made to depoliticize some anarchist proposals — seeking to find some “legitimacy” in pursuing evil “anarchists”,
taking advantage of tactical differences and seeking to create divisions between anarchist tendencies — combative anarchist solidarity rose up, and the fists were closed to the enemies!

As we believe that solidarity is a weapon against repression attempts and oblivion, and that we also know that it needs to be more than words to vibrate in the hearts of the rebels, we send this simple but, we believe, important message.

We hang a banner in solidarity with the persecuted anarchists in Porto Alegre. For all those who are fighting against the storms of loneliness and the inclemency of uncertainty. For all those whose life was /is being disturbed by this repressive wave and that have not lowered neither arms nor head!

For all those who face the difficulties waking up each morning with the conviction of having crossed the point of no return. The powerful can never stop us!

The political-economic context in Brazil and in Latin America is even more repressive against social movements. The political climate has a bitter taste for all those who oppose, in general, the devastating capitalism. A few days ago, 12 indigenous from Brazil’s southern territory were tortured, hit by rubber bullets and real bullets for the simple fact of claiming their lands, which they were promised almost 30 years ago*!

It also has this flavor for the great “minorities” of that sick society, who are being targeted by an ever-increasing “social cleansing” of large enterprises, fruits of “progress” and the”development”. The government kills “legally” by sending
armed forces to “clean” the favelas ** and does it also by organizing “agricultural fairs” in which the money raised is invested in the “security” of farmers and in the killing of indigenous people and peasants who dare to take back with their own hands their invaded lands.

Make no mistake, terrorist is the state and violent is the system that wants
to impose on us a life we never chose.

Debates on the legitimacy of violence are a false debate. We will never stand on the side of those who are pleased to live as a slave…

Those who celebrate past insurrections, today condemn any impulse of liberating violence, this happens under various pretexts such as the fact that we live in a “democracy”. Democracy, technocracy, dictatorships, all political-economic regimes deserve to be attacked, never was and can never be anything other than the expression of power coercion and domination of a few over the rest.

The articulation between centralized power and capitalism is inherent in
globalized modern society and to think that it is possible to destroy
capitalism without, together, destroying the structures of state power is a
illusion that some leftist parties nurture to seduce souls and thus gain a few more votes in the upcoming elections. Whether left or right governs, for them, the
Guarani Kaiowá, will always be worth less than the benefits of the
tons of soybeans.

If Dilma’s presidential government unleashed social cleansing, anti-terrorism law,
towards more and more progress and political persecution against
anarchists, today militants of the Workers Party and the MST (Rural Workers Without Land Movement) and of the entire “radical” left-wing party are also targets of political persecution.

If lately we meet on the streets to fight, let’s not forget the profound ideological and political differences that separate us. Same if we believe that we should rethink strategies and tactics of struggle in this current context, it is interesting that we question the role/place that we play on the regional, national (and internationally) chessboard in order not to end up being one of the pedestrians used to win the match. History has much to teach us about that…

More than answers, we point to the provocations to reflect the panorama
and to imagine strategies and actions that continue to spread the social war.

The repressive waves against those who struggle seek to frighten and paralyze any attempt to oppose the system. It is precisely what we can not let happen. We will look for ways to continue to struggle against a system and way of life that, in addition to not satisfy us as individuals, bases its values on domination
and in the exploitation of a few against the rest.

Oppression, domination and exploitation must be attacked in its roots and in a radical way. There are no ready-made methods for this, only has the combination of historical memory and creative imagination to invent, to think, to try strategies of struggle in this context each more adverse.

May this little message, like a flame of revolt, lighten the heart
of our persecuted comrades…

Strength and combative solidarity with the anarchists pursued by the
“Operation Erebus”!

With Guilherme Irish and Samuel Eggers present in our insurgent memory!

Long live anarchy!

Long live insurrection!

* On February 17, 2018, 12 Kaingang families in Passo Fundo
were beaten by the BOE (Special Forces Police Battalion). They were occupying an area of DNIT claiming the demarcation of their lands:


*** On this theme see the movie “Martírio”, it brings information
and interesting links between private security guards on the farm,
politicians and farmers.

Communiqué of Alejandro Centoncio, arrested for street battle


Communiqué from the south penitentiary of Santiago:

“On March 29, 2017, I was arrested on charges of carrying a Molotov bomb.

This happened in the context of the commemoration of the day of the young combatant in Chile. The current gun control law in Chile considers Molotov cocktail as a firearm. A disproportionate law whose purpose is the repression of street protest. I’ve been in prison for nine months so long. It is my closest circle that suffers this situation with me. Submerged in the daily rubbish, I fully realize how this society needs prisons to survive.

My situation is an absurd make up. The supposed molotov they are putting on my back is made with… paraffin (kerosene). It is known that a Molotov is not made with this element… but for their justice, it is enough to ask for a sentence ranging from 3 to 5 years of effective prison.

Today I have nothing left more than to seek solidarity, and action and rage against a bastard system that does not hesitate to crush and imprison all its surroundings, only because of rebellious ideas against this tetrical world of prisons and jailers.

I make a call to show solidarity with all prisioners of the world.

To act…

And to make this whole world a bonfire where all the prisons disappear completely.

Alejandro Centoncio from the former-penitentiary in Santiago, Chile


Bra$il – “Operation Érebo” the earth moves. Agitations and anarchic reflections the wind blows.”

via e-mail


Operation Érebo” the earth moves.

Agitations and anarchic reflections the wind blows.”

At dawn on October 25, 2017 the weather darkened for the anarchists of Porto Alegre. The Civil Police with the so called “Operation Érebo [Erebus]” launched raids and assaults televised by the local media and transmitted by the speakers of the system in maximum volume.

From this police reaction, from the show and media scrape, and from the agitation in the anarchist orbit a thousand and one needs, urgencies, ideas, impulses and feelings have crossed us. From this reflection was born this will to communicate. We point our determination against the enemy and we strengthen our pace with those who live anarchy in its positions and practices.

Our natural tendency to chaos.

We are, we exist and we act beyond the state, the laws and democracy. We seek and spread autonomy, but we know that we can’t achieve it through negotiation with power1.

Heirs of the struggles for freedom and land, of the warriors who still teach us that we can exist in many ways beyond the society imposed against us. We feel an inconformity that persists and insists.

Looking from this side of the river, democracy is just another form (the current) in which civilization dominates, kills and tries to erase forms of existence that leaked from the military order and blind obedience. Even more, this democracy that presents itself as the one value of fashion. And many fall blindly, or dazzle their eyes with democracy’s brightness. But those who love to be free know that this is only a way of governing and life is ungovernable, like the rivers that change its paths, like the animals that attack its tamers, like the people who do not “sell” themselves to the slave labor of the western society. Thus democracy is an ideal incompatible with those who do not let themselves be governed.

Its axioms, the rights, are tools of colonization and a form of humanism that still distinguishes humans from first, second, third, and more categories. Can anyone argue that?

Their punishments, the laws, are chains that some love, but that punish and mark those who starve and therefore steal what they need instead of begging for it.

Negotiation with this world is impossible, our relationship with it can only be antagonism2.

They try to dominate and we can not stop fighting this, without respite. In this instinctive tendency to freedom without rules and order, we recognize ourselves in the chaos of anarchy.

The search for anarchy is itself a challenge to power. All the prospects of anarchy are aimed at dismantling the institutions of power. We may have among us some misunderstandings about how to do it, but every anarchist wants states, corporations, their institutions and values in ruins. We believe we are not mistaken on that. In this way the desire for anarchy in democracy is in itself criminal.

Not being in the penal code, anarchism and affinity with it are not really crimes. Which gives us a margin of action and leaves more freedom to identify with it. But the rope of this freedom is not very long.

The key that undid the mystery. Exotic plants and anarchic agitation.

The idea that alien beings bring “evil” in is an old mechanism of control and repression. From Europe, several anarchist comrades, expelled or fugitives, arrived in this continent. Here they have been detected and cataloged as exotic plants [translation note: literally, this was how the government called anarchists in their “first appearance” in the brazilian territory by the year of 1890], trigger of dangerous ideas and actions.

In the last decade of the nineteenth century, the masters of power already expelled anarchists considered to be harmful to “social peace”. That is, indomitable beings, beasts who did not submit to the laws and order that guarantee exploitation. We remind Giuseppe Gallini that along with other agitators comrades in the city of São Paulo were arrested and expelled. We also remember José Saul, who was expelled from the city of Pelotas for being an anarchist agitator. Other anarchic comrades had the same fate.

In 1907, in response to growing social agitation (revolts, strikes, autonomous workers’ organizations) and the growing anarchist presence, the Brazilian government tightens its policies of expulsion against the undesirable. Then “Adolpho Gordo law” [translation note: A. Gordo was the name of the senator who came up with this law, which mainly aims to expell any “foreigner who, for any reason, compromises national security or public tranquility, from part or all of the national territory”] this law was made, stitching a new legal fantasy for the repressive dances.

When rulers, judges and police say from 1800 to now that anarchists are “exotic plants”, they harbor feelings of xenophobia, and they also construct the image of a supposed native “passivity.”

The policies of expulsion and rejection against those who bring the “chaos theory”3 was and continues to be a mechanism for dispersing combative meetings. According to these, the anarchic agitation would be exotic and could be torn away by throwing it out of the Garden.

One thing is for sure, the anarchists arrived by boat and continue to come across several trails; however, the anarchic impulse and the fight against domination4 have been in these lands since immemorial times. The desire for freedom has no epoch, homeland or frontiers, and, anarchic as we are, we do not recognize the division of the world into countries, into states. The weakness we would have in thinking the world divided into artificial lines make us sick, without the ability to recognize the land with its own changing borders, mountains, rivers, forests, cribs.

So, therefore, we do not recognize that our comrades belong to one or another country, we are anarchists and comrades because of the affinity we have in opposition to control and domination. We have no homelands or flags and we are far from being guided by nationalist feelings that only flirt with fascism. The world is ours because we are with it, and by the land we inhabit we feel disgusted with progress.

Moreover, the actions taken in the “ Cronologias da Confrontação Anárquica [Chronologies of Anarchic Confrontation]”5 are far from being alien or disoriented within the current context of the territory controlled by the Brazilian State, as we can see.

Political parties PSDB [Social Democrats], PSB [Socialist Party], PSD [Social Democrats], DEM [Democrats] received anarchic visits6. Agribusiness, devastating to the land and people, was attacked with the fire against Bradesco Bank, the destruction of eucalyptus seedlings, as well as incendiary barricades and road blockades in territory struggling against civilization.

Also the militarization of life was clearly rejected with the attack by the “Galera do Pixo do Triangulo CAV do Terror” graffiti group to the monument of the war praise in the arches of the Redemption with the partial destruction by the “Group of Hostilities Against Domination” of the monument of the Battalion of Suez/ONU grandfathers of those who militarize Haiti today, and the attack of the “Anti-authoritarian Wild Vandals” that contributed to the withdrawal of the war tank exposed as a monument on Ipiranga Avenue.

Several of these actions were, we think, incomprehensible to the logic of competition for power. They were actions that neither ask for something nor demanded. They only attacked domination. Until the key appeared that undid the mystery (according to the “Fantastic TV show” news), the “Chronologies of Anarchic Confrontation” and the publication “Welcome to Hell”.

Damned anarchist literature!

The books that are in the sights of cops, besides spreading an idea, speak of real actions. It collect and present various adventures and dares of some indomitable. Several bands that beat against what they felt it oppressed them. Books that a lover of control and submission would never like to see diffused. That is why these books are abominable to the authorities, but also because of this, they are books of high consistency insubmission.

Walking through the anarchic path, several examples of this kind of literary persecution within democracies have taught us that writing about confrontation is considered as an affront to power. The publication “Armed Joy” written by Alfredo Maria Bonanno provoked his arrest in Italy and years later his edition and printing was one of the “evidence” of an accusation against the anarchist comrade Spyros Mandylas and Nadir squat in Greece. On the same continent in Spain, the book “Against Democracy” was used as evidence of a supposed participation in an organization cataloged as a terrorist by the Spanish State, which resulted in several raids, arrests and operations against comrades, which allowed us to join forces with them, to come closer to them and to gain more strength in the search for freedom and in the certainty that we are in antagonistic plans of life; those who love freedom and those who are able to lock up, isolate, control the hours to see the sun and forms of contact.

Yesterday as today, the search for anarchy printed in words on paper has its power of diffusion and inspiration. Panic for the authorities on duty who react with assault, raids and kidnappings.

In 1969, in Rio de Janeiro, the military destroyed and assaulted the space of anarchist agitation, the CEPJO (Center for Studies Professor José Oiticica [note: famous anarchist from the XX century in the territory dominated by the brazilian state]), yet robbing a vast library in the residence of the anarchist Ideal Perez. In addition to stealing the original writings of the book “Nationalism and Culture” that was about to be edited by the anarchist Edgar Rodrigues, who to recover it bought it back from the repression agents.

In 1973, in Porto Alegre, the DOPS (Department of Political and Social Order [note: main organism of repression against the opposition to the military dictatorship]) headed by the deputee Pedro Seelig invaded the Gráfica Trevo [Graphic Trevo], a graphic led by anarchists who, in addition to commercial prints, printed the anarchist newspapers that circulated at the time: The Protest, sold in the newsstands of Porto Alegre and the newspaper Dealbar, edited by the anarchist Pedro Catalo, spread in São Paulo. They also printed books edited by their distro called Proa [Prow]. On this occasion, the police assault destroyed almost the whole impression of the book “The future belongs to libertarian socialism” and confiscated copies of future editions. In this storm, houses were destroyed and lives were sadistically beaten.

Damned are our books, newspapers, writings. Damned we, the ones who have the courage and daring to write them, edit them, translate them, print them, spread them.

The state, the police, democracy…

Do not need proof to persecute anarchists.

It is well known that in persecution of anarchists no proof is needed. The books were the only thread they were able to handle to point some people that the bothered from their agitation and propaganda.

Without proof but not without justification, yes, the reaction of power has its justification. And that justification is paradoxically our biggest smile. Knowing that some anarchic gangs have hit power can only value our position since it manifests antagonism. Knowing that some anarchic bands have hit power can only value our position of manifested antagonism. If we call ourselves anarchists it is because we do not admit authority in our lives or on earth, so antagonism to the ruling order is a basic indicator of following the path we say we follow.

“Operation Érebo” “seeks to deal with the perpetrators of the attacks”, that is to say, pursues actions but seems to go after ideas. Sniffing at the Achaic literature and taking samples of the various trends of anarchy. Confusing the written propaganda with the propaganda by deed.

Written propaganda shows something that they seem to want to keep as a secret: that power can be beaten by anarchists.

It is clear for us that if one pursues the anti-authoritarian positions, it is because the banks, cars and churches were not burned for pyromania but for the active and combative rejection of the mercantilization of life and the punishment and control. And when we talk about it, it is not a complaint but a cry of joy. That is where ideas and affinities “weigh”. We are several, all, targets in the repressive sight. Then in the storm, in the eye of the hurricane, or we flirt with systemic passivity in the makeup of laws and rights, or we get louder by shouting LONG LIVE ANARCHY against all forms of power.

Light, camera, action. The media show.

Television has overwhelming force in Bra$il. It is a reference in people’s lives to understand their surroundings, to create priorities, to have a position. It is no exaggeration to say that TV trains people, manipulates lives, openly realizes experiences in people’s behavior from the stimuli emitting their waves, in their news advertisements and soap operas.

When we talk about the TV, we line up together their printed newspapers, faces of the same body, like: Zero Hora-RBS.TV/Globo7. These next to the Correio do Povo and SBT8 protagonized lawfully association with the police during the revenge of power against the anarchists.

If TV is the remote control for citizens to know who are the “new enemies of social peace”… For its enemies, that is, to us anarchists, the show pretends to be the fan that spreads the fear. Dumbly created scenes like the hooded guy reading the Chronology or pet bottle molotovs and the police breaking doors shouting “police!”, they want to send the message of the persecution, they want to provoke the fear in our band and still in an investigation that claims to be “top secret”, they slander and expose the “suspects”.

It is a media lynching and certainly for those who do not seek dialogue with the social order this has a weight. Comments abound in addition to the lynching that ask for photos of the suspects or complain about untying their lives from something that once portrayed as “evil” so then it has to be banished and thrown away to not pollute their impeccable citizen life.

Political analysts and jurists gave the illustrated touch to spread fear with “fundament.” Can anarchists be judged by the anti-terrorist law? This was the debate presented by them on the show. In addition to the useful lessons they gave on the subject in the “Fantastic TV show”, they showed that along with the repressive forces, the sages of society also collaborate with the creation of the new social fear. It is no longer a police note, it is now a social, legal, political, philosophical issue.

The scope of this fable may be greater, fear can silence all kinds of dissent. Thus, the show serves to calm possible protests and nonconformities with the genocidal way of governing democracy.

We know that anarchists and peoples outside of civilization and marginals have an antagonism that remained after the show. But did the other dissidents rush into whitening as obedient citizens? Has fear penetrated to the bones of those who call themselves rebels?

Not among us. This text as well as other manifestations seem to affirm the rejection against the domination and not letting ourselves down by fear.

The show sells and buys. It bought the premise in the police auction of “Operation Érebo”. And it sells. We know that the news have a purpose, they are elaborated and played on the board of domination, for specific purposes. Of course, they will tell us they are impartial, bearers of the just view of facts, of truth.

There is no media of “free expression”. The association between the media, police and justice are deep to punish everyone who does not dance to their music.


November 2017.

Our salutes to those who do not let the wind pass without the breath of solidarity:

To those beings who made a solidarity demonstration on the great island of the Pacific

To the comrades who sent solidarity from across the Andes mountain.

The comrade who sent poetry to the persecuted since Rebelion De las Palabras.

To all who did not keep quiet.

All these actions were felt.

1. We distance ourselves from the idea that power is good or bad depending on who exercises it. We toast with Bakunin “All power corrupts”.

2. We use the word antagonism to express the incompatibility of anarchy with power and domination.

3. Words of the deputee Jardim to the news on the morning of October 25, 2017, trying to define the anarchists investigated.

4. We take as reference the positions against the domination from some of the communiques that claim responsibility for the attacks that detonated “Operation Érebo”. The struggle against domination, according to these actions, is not an antagonism that prioritizes a line (class, race, gender, defense of the earth), but of an antagonism in conflict with all this and more, against the subtle and complex forms of control and domination.

5. The “Chronologies of Anarchic Confrontation” are two of the three books that are in the focus of “Operation Érebo”.

6. According to the “Chronologies of Anarchic Confrontation” actions of attack claimed as those not claimed (known only by the news) present the anarchic principle if they act in antagonism with the institutions of control and domination. The parties, in this case, are the main contenders in the aim to govern, control and rule over population and territory.

7. The company “Zero Hora-RBS.TV/Globo” in the prosecution against the so called “Block of Struggles [group of several autonomous collectives and individualities]” in the uprisings of 2013 disposed of reporter as a witness during the trials.

8. On the morning of 10/25/2017, SBT reporter Thiago Zahreddine presented the aberrant mix of anarchists investigated as neo-Nazis, adding: “They define themselves as vandals of neo-Nazi ideology in order to face everything type of authority “. Given the receptiveness of people to what TV tells them, that aberration goes beyond the stupidity of the reporter.

“Solidarity Is Action!”

“Solidarity Is Action!”

via Sin Banderas Ni Fronteiras

As has been reported in some media and blogs, at dawn on October 25th in Brazil the civil police of Rio Grande do Sul invaded anarchist spaces and homes in the context of an investigation into attacks on banks, police stations, car dealerships and headquarters of political parties carried out by anarchists over the last four years in Porto Alegre.

All of this occurred on the eve of the 8th Annual Anarchist Book Fair in Porto Alegre, that was scheduled to begin on the 27th of October but has now been cancelled until further notice in light of the events that have taken place.

The police have named this new repressive coup against anarchists ‘Operation Erebo’. In Greek mythology, Erebus (blackness) was a primordial god of darkness and shadow.

According to the forces of repression, this raid is a part of an investigation which began a year ago following an attempt to attack a police vehicle outside a police station, an investigation that involved more than thirty suspects, among whom, according to the director of the Metropolitan Police (Fabio Motta), were people from Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and France. According to comments to the press by the head of the Civil Police (Emerson Wendt), these people had formed an organization that stands “against all forms of power, control and morality in society”.

The spoils of war stolen by the bastards are the same types of material already well known from other repressive operations in the region, such as the case of Operation Salamander (‘Bombs Case’, Chile 2010) or the repression against anarchist spaces in Bolivia during May 2012: books, masks, leaflets, posters, computers, and in this case a large number of eco-bricks that are being presented by the police as Molotov cocktails.

The charges brought by the repression include: attempted murder, criminal organization, gang formation and damage to public heritage with explosive material.

For its part, the local press plays its role as miserable collaborators to validate and justify the repressive operation. In one of the newscasts, a reporter displays in his hands (without gloves) a piece of the evidence that they consider conclusively proves the dangerousness of the alleged criminal group: a copy of the book ‘Chronology of Anarchic Confrontation’ which is documents actions carried out in the territory dominated by the State of Brazil.

Beyond the evidence and the accusations, we see once more how the repressive strategies of states are being internationalized against anarchist spaces and comrades to try and slow down the anarchic struggle in all of its forms and expressions.

Faced with this, our response can be none other than international solidarity and cooperation and the strengthening of networks of action and to promote the anarchic offensive at war against States and all forms of power.

From Chile to Brazil, solidarity, agitation and direct action against all authority!

Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, Cell of Anti-Authoritarian Agitation

Chile, October 26th, 2017.

Chile – Anti-Carcerary Day in Solidarity with Nataly, Juan and Enrique



I diffuse the publication of the Coordinadora Anticarcelaria La Fuga and I send forces to comrades who are raising this move in solidarity to the arrested comrades: Juan, Nataly and Enrique.

The trial against our comrades was initiated on March 24 of that year, and after a long trial, the convictions and accusations of the prosecution are as it follows:

  • Enrique Guzmán: accused for the confection of the explosive device used in the 1st Police Station of Santiago Center. Under the antiterrorist law, the prosecutor claims for 10 years in prison.
  • Nataly Casanova: accused for the confection of the explosive device used at the 1st Police Station in Santiago Centro, placing the explosive device within the subway train of the station “los Dominicos”, possession of material for the manufacture of explosive material. Under the anti-terrorist law, the prosecutor claims 20 years in prison.
  • Juan Flores: accused of placing the explosive device used at the 1st Police Station in Santiago Centro, placing the explosive device within the subway train of the station “los Dominicos”, placing the explosive device in the subcenter. Under the antiterrorist law, the prosecutor asks for a life sentence against him.

Sunday, November 19
outside the prison of San Miguel
From 11am

* Legal advice and penitentiary for relatives and close relatives of incarcerated persons.

* Conversation with compas of 81 Razones x Luchar, Observatorio Social Penitenciario, coordinator of HRD Mauricio Hernandez and other compas.

* Music, food and activities for children

The end of the trial on the subcenter is near



During the last fifteen days of November, it is expected that the macro-prosecution initiated under the anti-terrorist law by the attacks on the subcenter, the subway “Los Dominicos” and two police stations in Santiago will come to an end.

The so-called “Caso Bombas 2”, which began more than two years ago against Enriquez Guzman, Nataly Casanova and Juan Flores, has approximately 7 months of trial under the anti-terrorist law, it is finally in those days in which the case is being concluded. After the closing arguments, it is to be expected the verdict that the criminal court will decide innocence or guilt and for which crime, so then – in case of being guilty – it dictate the sentence.

It is necessary to remember that, after this instance, both the defense and the prosecution can appeal the decision, because, if this is a turn of judicial gear against our comrades, it is not the last one.

Remember the accusations and penalties that the power requests against Enrique, Nataly and Juan:

  • Enrique Guzmán: accused for the confection of the explosive device used in the 1st Police Station of Santiago Center. Under the antiterrorist law, the prosecutor claims for 10 years in prison.
  • Nataly Casanova: accused for the confection of the explosive device used at the 1st Police Station in Santiago Centro, placing the explosive device within the subway train of the station “los Dominicos”, possession of material for the manufacture of explosive material. Under the anti-terrorist law, the prosecutor claims 20 years in prison.
  • Juan Flores: accused of placing the explosive device used at the 1st Police Station in Santiago Centro, placing the explosive device within the subway train of the station “los Dominicos”, placing the explosive device in the subcenter. Under the antiterrorist law, the prosecutor asks for a life sentence against him.

Combatant solidarity against the democratic inquisition!